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Did you know?

Cottony maple scale and cottony maple leaf scale are two insect infestations that can affect your maple tree. Cottony maple scale affects the bark of red and silver maple trees in winter. Egg masses for this species form in June and have a cotton-like appearance.

Cottony maple leaf scale is similar to cottony maple scale, but infects the leaves of the tree instead of the bark. The cottony maple leaf scale is most common in sugar maple trees. The eggs of the insect hatch in June and the scales live on the leaves until October.

Trees that are severely infested with cottony maple scale appear as though they are covered with a string of popcorn. Severe infestation can cause dieback of twigs and trees, a loss of foliage, and if left untreated, tree death. 

If you are concerned about insect infestations occurring on your trees, call or text Eric for a free consultation to discuss the best course of action.

What Customers in Woodstock Say About Our Tree Removal Services

At this Woodstock customer’s home, we removed several trees from a difficult-to-access location.

“Great. All trees taken down as discussed and others trimmed per estimate details. Eric was responsive and professional and his crew was great-showed up right on time and worked hard to get everything completed.” – Woodstock, CT Customer

Our state-of-the-art crane helps us to remove trees from your property in a safe and effective manner, while minimizing impact to your property.

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For immediate assistance, please text us:

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