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Benefits of Scheduling Tree Service in the Winter

A tree falling on your house is a dangerous situation. Trees are more likely to fall in the winter due to heavier winds and to the weight of snow and ice on their limbs. Some of your trees have a much higher risk of falling than others. In the winter, we can see the skeleton of the tree, making it simple to determine which tree limbs are dangerous. There are even benefits when the ground is frozen! Frozen ground makes it easier to get equipment close to trees for straightforward access to them.

Call Eric to take care of your trees before your friends and family arrive for holiday festivities! We’ll make sure branches are cleared from driveways, walkways, roofs, and power lines to ensure your family’s safety all season long.

Fallen Trees in the Winter Pose a Costly Danger

According to the Farmers’ Almanac, Connecticut can anticipate a worse than usual winter. The coldest snap will hit during the final week of January, and above-average winter precipitation is expected. The heavy snow and ice can stress your trees, creating a serious hazard to your home.

Trees compete for sunlight, which dictates the direction they grow. Oftentimes, this direction is not optimal for our safety and our service lines. If a tree falls on the service lines, the homeowners are responsible. Costs can reach up to $1,100 to get reconnected! Count on Eric’s Tree Service to provide the consultation you need for peace of mind this winter. Our arborist will determine which trees pose a risk of falling, and we’ll assess the geometry of the tree structure near electrical lines to determine which branches should be trimmed. Keep your family safe and warm this winter by addressing possible threats to your service lines BEFORE winter hits.

Call Us For Ice Dam Removal this Winter

An ice dam is an ice build-up on the roofs of heated buildings which happens due to melting snow reaching the eaves and freezing there. Ice dams can break shingles, rip off gutters, and cause leaks in your home. Keep us in mind for ice dam removal this winter!

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