West Hartford’s Notable Silver Maple Tree

West Hartford’s Notable Silver Maple Tree

West Hartford’s Notable Silver Maple Tree

*Photo by Marty Aligata (Oct 28, 2010) of the Connecticut’s Notable Trees Project

West Hartford, CT’s Notable Silver Maple

Eric’s Tree Service conducts quite a lot of business in the Hartford area, and we always like to check out some of Connecticut’s Notable Trees in the towns we serve! This tremendous silver maple tree was nominated by Greg Kendall in 2003. The tree measures 238 inches in circumference and stands 95 feet tall. Its many large branches fan out, creating its impressively large appearance. 

A Familiar Tree

The silver maple is a species of maple native to the eastern and central United States and southeastern Canada. You have probably seen one before, as this tree is one of the most common in the United States. The tree is named after the silvery color of the underside of its leaves. Even a slight breeze can produce a beautiful shining effect, as the underside of the leaves is revealed. Maple trees help to create the vibrant foliage that you will notice in New England’s autumn. However, the Silver maple leaves produce paler yellow leaves than other maples and tend to color and drop earlier in autumn. They can live well over one hundred years, but will typically survive to only eighty years in urban environments. 

Uses Throughout History

The silver maple has remarkable usage throughout history. Native Americans used the sap to make sugar, the wood for basket weaving, and the bark for cough medicine. Today the silver maple is used for paper, furniture, and flooring. It is currently being researched as a source of biofuel because of its fast growth. This tree is often used as ornamental trees in urban settings due to the ease of transplanting and rapid growth. However, its fibrous root system can quickly invade septic fields, pipes, sidewalks, and foundations.

Keeping Your Silver Maple Tree Healthy

The silver maple is a powerful resprouter and has to be pruned or it will grow with multiple trunks. For this reason, it fell out of favor due to unattractive form when not pruned, and its tendency to produce large numbers of seedlings. When the tree is not properly cared for, its wood can become brittle. The silver maple is a popular host to the parasitic maple bladder gall mite, Vasates quadripedes, and the cottony maple scale, Pulvinaria innumerabilis.

To keep your silver maple tree at its healthiest, consult Eric to set up an annual maintenance plan. Yearly tree trimming, pruning, and maintenance tree services will keep your silver maple tree shining magnificently and staying tall for years to come. 

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