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Did you know?

Two common insect problems associated with Magnolia trees are magnolia scale and southern red mite. The magnolia scale is a large scale insect, with adults measuring up to 1/2 inch long. In August, the young take up branches and remain on the tree during the winter months as nymphs, dark brown in color and covered with a blue tinted wax. Only one generation of this species occurs per year. This insect most often affects the lower branches of certain magnolia species.

In contrast, the southern red mite feed on both the lower and upper leaf  surfaces of the tree. The adults can be red or green and can reproduce multiple times each season. Therefore, if an infestation is not controlled in during the spring months, populations will increase again during the fall months.

If you notice signs of magnolia scale on your tree’s branches or southern red mite affecting your magnolia tree’s leaves, call or text Eric to discuss the best treatment options.

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Difficult jobs are our specialty. With our top-of-the-line equipment and over thirty years of experience, hazardous tree removal and large tree removal are never too complicated for Eric’s Tree Service. See what this Wallingford, CT customer had to say:

“Excellent. Would recommend to anyone. Professional, knowledgeable, efficient. Difficult job. Cleaned up when done so you never knew they were there.” – Wallingford, CT Customer

Many homeowners think removing trees with a crane will be more expensive, but it’s just the opposite. Using a crane gives us maximum control over where removed limbs and branches are placed, minimizing the impact to your property and saving us time.


Did you know?

Verticillium Wilt is a fungal disease that impacts more than 350 species of trees, shrubs, fruits and vegetables, flowers, and vines. The disease can range from slower moving, where the infected plant may die over many years, to more rapid forms, where a plant can die in just a few weeks. Smaller and younger plants are more susceptible and face greater risk of death, while larger and older plants, such as mature trees, can recover.

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