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Did you know?

Bacterial leaf scorch affects shade trees throughout the Northeast, including oaks, maples, and mulberries. The bacterium, Xylella fastidiosa, is spread by insects that feed on a leaf’s xylem fluid.

Trees under stress are more susceptible to bacterial leaf scorch. Stressors can include environmental conditions, extreme weather, pollutants, and nutrient deficiencies. Bacterial leaf scorch can affect newer and older leaves of the tree alike.

Bacterial leaf scorch is easily identified by the yellow-brown color pattern that appears on leaves in the late summer to early fall. Leaves affected by the bacteria may drop prematurely. Left untreated, the branches die and trees continue to decline as the disease progresses.

Performing regular tree maintenance and care can help keep your trees healthy against diseases like bacterial leaf scorch. To setup a free tree maintenance estimate, call or text Eric. Keeping your trees healthy and your property safe is our #1 goal!

What Customers in Union Say About Our Tree Removal Services

At this Union customer’s property, we provided tree removal services for over 40 hemlock trees.

“I highly recommend this tree service. Reasonably priced; workers were very friendly, professional and knowledgeable. 40+ 30 foot hemlock trees removed in 2 days. Could not be more pleased with this company.” – Union, CT Customer

Is your yard prepared for a storm? Tree maintenance can go a long way to ensure the safety of your home and property during a storm. Prevent damage by maintaining trees close to the home and removing diseased and decaying trees before a storm hits. Our convenient 0% financing options make tree care easy and affordable.

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Call (860) 798-5672

For immediate assistance, please text us:

Text (860) 228-8425


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