Tree Services

Eric’s Tree Service is a complete tree service company in Connecticut, equipped with a seventy-foot-tall bucket truck, climbers, Caterpillar equipment, trucks etc.

Hazardous Tree Removal Service

Hazardous trees threaten to hit service lines, cars in your driveway, or even destroy your home.  We love trees, and we plant as many as we remove, but some are weak in structural integrity,  such as silver maples, weeping willows, and white pines. These trees should be removed before disaster strikes.

Fallen Tree Emergency Service

In the event of a storm, we are on call and will respond to your emergency ASAP.

Large Tree Removal Service

We are experts at the big ones, removing trees our competitors won’t! Cranes, intense rigging, seventy-foot bucket trucks, and 30 years of experience means Eric’s Tree Service has what it takes to get the job done.

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The Best Tree Services in Hartford CT, Columbia CT, and New Canaan CT areas

When it comes to tree services in the Connecticut area, Eric’s Tree Service LLC is widely known for their expertise and ability to remove all tree’s of all sizes — even the “big ones”. There are many different types of trees found in Connecticut. Some of the most popular trees are Red Oak, Black Oak, White Oak, Scarlet Oak, Red Maple, Sugar Maple, Black Birch, White Birch, American Chestnut, Shagbark Hickory, Flowering Dogwood, Eastern White Pine, Red Pine, Eastern Red Cedar, and more. No matter the type of Connecticut tree you have, Eric’s Tree Service LLC is the best name in the industry for your tree service or tree removal.

Tree Service is very competitive in the Connecticut area. When you search online, it is easy to find more than several different types of tree services and tree removal companies. We are one of the only Tree Service companies in Connecticut that specializes in removing all types of trees. We have the experience and knowledge to safely and properly remove and service trees at your home or business.

Eric’s Tree Service, serving all parts of Connecticut including Hartford CT, Columbia CT, and New Canaan CT areas, consists of a superior staff with more trucks, crews, and equipment than many of the other local CT tree companies. Eric’s Tree Service LLC is well equipped to provide you with superior tree service.

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