Tree Maintenance

You probably have a favorite tree at home. When maintained properly, trees are assets to a home’s property value.

Why Tree Maintenance Is Important

Regular inventory of your trees and an annual tree maintenance plan is important to maintain the vigor and integrity of the trees surrounding your home. With a tree maintenance plan in place, proactive homeowners can spot the warning signs of disease and prevent long-term damage to their trees.

There are several factors that need to be decided upon before a tree must be taken down:

Is there any dead wood? Dead wood indicates disease and decay. Mushrooms are an indicator that the tree has become decayed, as they only form upon dead wood. However, the presence of dead wood does not always mean a tree must be removed. Many oak trees, which are prone to dead wood, simply need a LEVEL II (deadwood and disease) pruning.

Leaning and Movement. Trees with a severe lean indicate possible root movement or root structure, and are subject to complete tree uprooting.

Other Signs of Decay & Infestation. Trees should be regularly observed for signs of insect infestation and other signs of infection. Spotting early signs of disease allows for arborists to intervene with a disease management plan to stop the spread of infection and prolong the life of your tree.

Common insect infestations and diseases prone to Connecticut trees:

Hemlocks: Mites, elongated scale, wooley hemlock adelgid, & rust.
Spruces: Mites, Spruce aphids, spruce gall adelgid, Needlecasts & rusts
Pines: Euphoryid mites, weevils, pine needle scale, pitch pine moth, and diplodia.
Firs: Mites, Elongated needle scale, needlecasts.
Maples: cottony maple scale, aphids, & tar spot.
Oaks: Scales, 2 lined chestnut borer, anthracnose.
Dogwood: Powdery mildew, dogwood borer
Birch: Bronze birch borer, mites, leaf miner, and canker.
Ash: Emerald ash borer (which has banned firewood movement in new haven)
Linden: marmolated stink bugs, aphids, and mites.
Cherry: prunicola scale, mites, aphids.
Crabapples: Scab, Cedar-apple rust, fireblight, flat borer borer
Pears: blister mites, pocket gall midge, and fireblight.

The professional arborists at Eric’s Tree Service LLC will gladly perform an inspection and evaluation of your trees. We will put together a complete tree care package to keep your trees’ aesthetic and financial value.