Stump Grinding

Got stumps? Eric’s Tree Service LLC is thrilled to now offer stump grinding services. We have acquired a state of the art stump grinder!

With this new machine, we can complete the job to the last chip of a stump. Removal of the grinding chips, layering topsoil and seeding are all part of what we do!

Removing stumps is important for many reasons. First and foremost, decaying stumps attract pests such as carpenter ants and termites. These pests find their way to surrounding trees and even your house. Secondly, stumps can become quite bothersome. They pose a major trip hazard for friends and family. Moreover, a decaying stump is never an attractive sight, and lawn mowers are easily damaged when you’ve got stumps.

Stump removal is a very complicated process. It involves digging out the stump and tree roots. These roots can extend very far beyond the stump. Unfortunately, this leaves a large hole. On the other hand, stump grinding is quick and easy! As an added bonus, we make sure to seed the area where the stump was so you have grass as soon as possible.

Our state of the art stump grinder uses forceful rotating blades that pulverize the stump wood into mulch. The stump is taken down well below ground level. Stump grinders should only be used by professional arborists. There is a major risk of injury when this equipment is not used properly. Flying wood chips create a potential hazard. Even more dangerously, flying pieces of old piping, lost nails, or broken glass from the ground can come soaring up.

If you’ve got stumps in CT, contact us today for a free estimate!