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Did you know?

Fire blight, one of the most devastating bacterial diseases affecting apple and orchard trees, has five different infection types, each differing in the tissues of the plant that are infected and the weather patterns that influence the initial spread of infection.

Canker blight occurs over the winter months and appears as depressed areas of discoloration on the bark of a tree’s trunk and limbs. Canker blights are responsible for the spread of the disease to adjacent parts of the tree.

Blossom blight occurs shortly after bloom. Blossoms first appear water soaked and quickly blacken. Wet weather, warm temperatures, and excess irrigation can all be contributing factors to create conditions where the disease is able to thrive.

Whether you’re facing canker or blossom blight, or one of the three other phases of infection: shoot blight, trauma blight, or rootstock blight, fire blight is always a serious matter.  A treatment plan addressing all phases of infection is crucial to stop the spread of the disease. Contact Eric for a free consultation on how to best handle your affected trees.  

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Our state-of-the-art crane has the ability to move large limbs to the ground without damaging your property.

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