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February Tree Service Special: Dinner’s On Eric!

February Tree Service Special: Dinner’s On Eric!

Punxsutawney Phil may have predicted an early Spring, but there’s no reason to wait any longer to schedule your free tree service estimate! Especially when Eric’s offering to buy dinner…

Tree Work In The Winter?!

Yes, it’s true! Eric and the team work ALL WINTER LONG! Just because temperatures drop, doesn’t mean tree work stops for the season. Did you know wintertime is actually the BEST TIME for certain types of tree service?

  • Wintertime Pruning – With the skeleton of the tree exposed and foliage gone for the season, wintertime is one of the best times for pruning your trees. Orchards are one of our top customers in January. Take care of your fruit trees during the winter months to promote a bountiful Spring, Summer, and Fall harvest!
  • Frozen Ground Accessibility – If your trees are in a hard-to-access location or your property has soft ground, the frozen ground can actually HELP us better serve you. We use the frozen ground to our advantage when bringing our machinery onto your property to minimize damage and gain access to hard-to-reach trees.


Spicing Things Up!

In the spirit of fun (...Remember that thing called fun?), Eric’s adding a little extra spice to get the word out about winter tree work this year. 

With every signed contract through the end of February 2019, Eric will hand deliver an Easter or St. Paddy’s Day meal to your door — your choice of an Easter ham or corned beef and cabbage! Even though he’s an ol’ Swede, he’s in the mood for some fun and willing to support the Irish holiday — he’s even done some practice grocery shopping (under Genoveva’s supervision, of course.)

So, if you’re ready to schedule your free estimate and send Eric to the grocery store, don’t delay! Just Call Eric!

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