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We purchased our top-of-the-line crane to increase our efficiency and control during tree removal. With the aid of the crane, we can move large limbs to safe locations with precision and accuracy.

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Did you know?

Your birch trees, especially gray birch, white birch, and paper birch varieties, are at risk for damage from the birch leafminer. As adults, these insects appear as tiny sawflies. However, it is the larvae of this insect that cause most damage to trees. Adults lay eggs inside the newly expanding leaves of birch trees in the spring season. The small white larvae of this insect then feed on the inside of the birch tree’s developing leaves.

Infested leaves have a brown and blistered appearance where mining from this insect has occurred. The loss of color in its leaves can make the tree appear as if its been fire scorched. The birch leafminer often will not cause enough damage to kill a tree, but will leave the tree weakened and able to become more susceptible to other diseases and infestations.

In particular, the birch leafminer can leave the birch tree vulnerable to attack by the bronze birch borer. The larvae of the bronze birch borer infest only weakened and stressed trees. Damage from the bronze birch borer can kill infested trees. Yellow foliage, a loss of branches in the upper canopy and sap bleeding from the tree’s trunk are signs of infestation from the bronze birch borer.

Detecting early signs of infestation is the best way to gain control of the problem and prevent further damage. At Eric’s Tree Service, we have over thirty years of experience in the tree service and tree removal industry. We are able to quickly spot the early signs of infestation and treat the cause accordingly to prevent long-term, irreversible damage. Call or text Eric to schedule your free tree maintenance estimate today.

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