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What Customers in Simsbury CT Have to Say

“Eric originally came to quote the trees in our yard. Heading into winter, we wanted to take care of a few trees close to our house and power lines. When he got here we started talking and I mentioned that we’re also looking to fill in our pool. He came around and quoted a liner pool fill in as well. We ended up going with Eric for both the pool and the trees and it was a great choice.

Eric is extremely passionate about what he does and works to produce the best results possible.  He was extremely prompt and came out and gave me a quote in less then 24 hours!

His pricing is extremely competitive and he worked on us in bundling the work into one price including tree removal, stump grinding, fence removal, pool removal and fill-in with quality soil, and he even threw in removing the old basketball hoop.

He cleaned up the yard after his work and offered to come back and help us next spring when it is time to seed the lawn.  From quote to completion it was less then two-weeks which was important with the impending winter!

Eric’s passion and knowledge showed early on as he discussed the health of our trees and long and short-term tree care.

He showed us a girdling root, explained why they form, their effect on the tree and the longevity of the tree in question.  He also explained prevention of girdling roots when planting new trees.  He then assessed the trees on property, their health and the best course of action to take.

We opted to take out 5 trees and then prune and take down deadwood from some very large oaks on the property.  He ground the stumps, chipped and removed the rest of the tree.  We were beyond pleased with the work and care placed in the tree removal and pruning.  They worked close to both main street power lines as well as those that connect to the home and were diligent about avoiding our septic and leach fields. Again, dedication and care was brought to every part of the project.

The filling in of the pool was a large task.  It was a 1970’s liner pool that had far surpassed its lifetime and was deep enough for a diving board.  It took up a large portion of the backyard and was an eye sore.  In addition to completing the work, Eric recommended and helped secure an electrician to come out on short notice to disconnect the power as required by the town.  They removed and disposed of the pool liner and metal from the pool in addition to the shrubbery that surrounded the pool.  They then tore up the concrete around the pool and layered it in the base of the pool.  Layering sand between the concrete to prevent sinking in the future.  They then layered in clean fill, followed by a layer of silt to enhance the soil followed by top soil.  The pool area was completely leveled with the yard creating a clean beautiful flat backyard.

They made quick work of removing the old wooden rotting fences as well as a rusting basketball hoop.  Clean up was wonderful and the grooves made from equipment were filled in with top soil as well as where the trees were removed.  We cannot wait to see what it will look like in the spring with grass!

Eric has a long history of working on trees and landscaping, building his company from the ground up. He is dedicated to his craft and takes pride in what he does.

I 100% recommend working with Eric and supporting this local business.  We will hopefully have him back in the Spring to do some additional landscaping work.  In addition, he is a wonderful human being, family man, and I enjoyed chatting with him on numerous points throughout the process.

Also, text messaging is a great way of communicating with him, which was great for me. ” – Margaret, Simsbury, CT Customer

Did you know?

Ganoderma Root Rot is a fungal disease that affects many species of deciduous trees and some conifers, most commonly maple, oak, honey locust, ash, and elm. The fungus infects wounds in trees, usually in lower areas of the tree such as the roots or lower trunk. As it spreads, the fungus causes the decay of the heartwood, which can eventually weaken the structure of the tree so much so that falls or is easily uprooted by wind.

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