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Did you know?

Oak trees are the preferred food for gypsy moth caterpillars. Gypsy moth infestations become a particular problem for Connecticut’s trees following seasons of drought. A naturally-occurring fungus that is known to keep the gypsy moth population in check does not thrive within dry seasons. When the naturally occurring system of checks and balances falls out of place, the gypsy moth caterpillars quickly overpopulate and become a severe threat to Connecticut’s trees.

If you are concerned about insect infestation of your trees, call or text Eric for your free consultation to discuss the best treatment options. 

What Customers in Scotland CT Have to Say

Halford’s property in Scotland, CT suffered from a gypsy moth infestation. Eric consulted Halford on the best treatment program to address his infestation. Insecticides were used to control the spread of the gypsy moth and to kill off the nests and larvae. We also inspected the area for patches of bark, dead branches, and nearby human objects and structures that may be providing shelter for the gypsy moths. Tree and limb removal was performed as necessary at Halford’s property to ensure no further spread of the infestation occurred. At Eric’s Tree Service, we provide a thorough treatment plan to address infestation issues and preserve the health of your trees.

“Don’t see any little critters, so went very well.” – Halford, Scotland, CT Customer

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Call (860) 798-5672

For immediate assistance, please text us:

Text (860) 228-8425

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