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Did you know?

Presence of a conk or mushroom on a living tree is an indicator of wood decay. The fungus behind wood decay begins its life cycle during spore release from existing fungi. It then infects its host tree and begins to feed on the tree’s wood. The appearance of a conk or mushroom indicates that the fungus causing decay has completed its life cycle and is spreading to other trees in the environment. 

Decayed wood poses a serious risk to homeowners, as it compromises the stability of the tree. A tree with wood decay is susceptible to storm damage. Its weakened limbs and branches are vulnerable to breakage and can pose a threat to nearby buildings and structures.

If you spot a tree with a conk or mushroom in your yard, call or text Eric for a free consultation. Discolored wood is often another symptom of wood decay and should be addressed to prevent decay progression.

What Portland, CT Customers Have to Say About Eric’s Tree Service

At this Portland customer’s home, we performed large tree removal services. Our crews also removed several smaller trees and completed stump removal. We used our professionally-trained crew and top-of-the-line equipment get the job done safely and efficiently for this long-time customer.

“I have used Eric’s Tree Services for almost 10 years. His crew is excellent and thorough. This job was especially difficult due to the location of the tree.” – Portland, CT Customer

Each and every member of Eric’s professionally-trained crew is passionate and knowledgeable about providing the best service in tree removal and tree maintenance.

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Call (860) 798-5672

For immediate assistance, please text us:

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