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Did you know?

Many homeowners choose to plant roses in their garden, but did you know these plants can be easily susceptible to a number of diseases?

Powdery mildew occurs on many different trees, woody ornamentals, and flowers, including the rose plant. Powderly mildew is a fungus-based disease. White, powdery growths on leaves, shoots, and buds are a distinctive trait of powdery mildew disease. However, prior to the appearance of the recognizable white patches, early symptoms can present as reddish patches on leaves. Other symptoms include leaf distortion, curling, and wilting. When newly emerging shoots are infected, shoots can be distorted, and young leaves may curl upwards before wilting and dying. Flower buds infected with powdery mildew disease can fail to open.

High humidity at night, low humidity during the day, and warm temperatures create favorable conditions for powdery mildew disease. The disease is spread by air currents that carry spores to germinate on leaf surfaces. As the fungus grows on the leaf, it sends threads into the leaf cells to obtain its nutrients. Some varieties of powdery mildew are inhibited by free moisture on the leaf surface, while others favor excess moisture. Therefore, it is important to determine which genera of fungi are affecting your plants to determine the best course of treatment. Plant maintenance and sanitation are always important to disease management under any circumstance. At Eric’s Tree Service, we provide landscaping and arborist services to help you make the best planting and maintenance decisions for your landscape. Call or text Eric to take advantage of your free consultation for all your landscaping and tree removal needs.

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Call (860) 798-5672

For immediate assistance, please text us:

Text (860) 228-8425


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