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Did you know?

Rose plants are a popular choice among many homeowners, but did you know they are susceptible to a number of diseases?

A bacteria known as Agrobacterium tumefaciens can affect a wide range of herbaceous and woody plants, including the popular rose plant. This bacterium affects the plant in the form of a disease known as crown gall. Galls, or swellings, appear on the main stem of the plant or slightly below the soil line. Galls are initially white and spherical, but darken with age. These swellings crush healthy plant tissue, and can cause the plant to have restricted water movement once the vascular tissue of the plant becomes compromised.

Unfortunately, these bacteria can live in the soil for many years. If you are aware of an outbreak of crown gall, we advise you to avoid planting in affected areas for at least two years. Planting corn or other grain crops for several years following soil infection prior to replanting nursery stock is also recommended as a method of control.

Rose plants may show symptoms of crown gall in different ways. For example, some plants show stunted growth, others lack foliage and flowering, and others are killed by the disease. The location of the gall on the plant affects how the tissue of the plant is affected and the survival rate of the plant. Since crown gall can be transferred through infected tools, all grafting and pruning tools should be adequately disinfected to prohibit spread of the infection.

Since symptoms of crown gall vary, treatment plans are best developed based on the particular circumstances present. Call or text Eric to discuss a tree maintenance and disease plan best suited to your needs.

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Did you know?

There are many varieties of Powdery Mildew fungi and each target only specific species of plant. Therefore, the infection of one plant species will not infect neighboring species. However, the conditions that gave rise to an infection make all plants more susceptible to fungal spores.

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