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Our crane gives us complete control over the job at hand. We are able to secure limbs from a distance and gently place them to the ground without causing damage to your property.

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Did you know?

Fungal diseases of trees often leave a tree in a weakened state that can pose a safety hazard. When the structure of a tree is damaged by disease, a tree becomes prone to falling limbs and a stressed root structure.

Many tree fungal infections can be characterized by a similar pattern of onset and development. First, a tree becomes vulnerable to infection via a wound. This wound can be from pruning, storm damage, lawn mower injury, construction, or other human activities. Similar to a wound on a human, the tree’s protective barrier is now broken and can become susceptible to infection.

Next, the fungus enters the wound and causes discoloration of the wood. Or, alternatively, some fungi may attack roots directly without need for entry via an existing wound.

After the fungus has attached itself to its host tree, it produces enzymes that begin to decay the internal portions of the tree trunk and limbs. As the fungus spreads, limbs die and trees can often present with an asymmetrical shape. The final stage of fungal infection is reproduction and the appearance of a mushroom or conk on the tree’s structure. If the roots have rotted, the entire tree can be at risk of falling over during a storm.

If you suspect your tree may be dealing with a fungal infection, call or text Eric to schedule a free tree service or tree removal estimate. Prioritizing tree maintenance on your property can go a long way in preventing storm damage down the road.

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For immediate assistance, please text us:

Text (860) 228-8425

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