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Are you concerned that your trees may not be able to withstand Connecticut’s next storm? Just call Eric to take proactive tree maintenance and tree removal measures and prevent damage to your property.

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Did you know?

Pine false webworms, pine sawflies, and European pine shoot moths are three insect species that can infest your pine trees.

In cases of heavy infestation by the pine false webworm, severe defoliation of your pine tree can occur. Larvae of this species form silk webs at the bases of needles and pull needs into their nests to feed. The larvae are distinctly colored green-gray with purple stripes. Trees should be closely examined in the early Spring months to detect infestation prior to the presence of significant defoliation.

There are several species of pine sawflies in Connecticut. Similarly to the pine false webworm, larvae of this species also feed on the needs of the tree and can contribute to defoliation.

The European pine shoot moth primarily hosts on Red, mugo, Scotch and Austrian pines in Connecticut. The larvae of this species tunnel the tree’s shoots, causing them to wilt, brown, and eventually die. Trees damaged by the European pine shoot moth can quickly become asymmetrical and distorted due to the lost shoots.

If you notice signs of defoliation or infestation on your pine trees, call or text Eric to schedule a free consultation. As a licensed arborist with over 30 years of experience, Eric can advise you on the best methods of treatment and establish a disease management plan to preserve the health of your trees and landscape.

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Call (860) 798-5672

For immediate assistance, please text us:

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