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Did you know?

The elongate hemlock needle scale is a non-native pest introduced from Japan that affects hemlocks and ornamental plantings in the eastern United States. This insect is known to develop on 43 species, including 14 species native to the United States. Spruce and fir trees can also be susceptible to infestation.

This insect is most often spotted in the spring and summer months. Symptoms of infestation from the elongate hemlock scale include yellowing of the tree’s foliage.

Infestation can cause premature tree death, with many trees having a lifespan of no more than ten years following infestation. Trees affected by the elongate hemlock scale can become more vulnerable to mixed infestations from other non-native pests, such as the hemlock woolly adelgid. 

Maintenance, monitoring and chemical treatment measures can combat the effects of the infestation from the elongate hemlock scale. Call or text Eric to discuss the best options and treatment plan for your hemlock trees.

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We removed five trees from Alison’s property in Moodus and she quickly became a repeat customer! The highest compliment we can get from our customers is a visit back to their property for additional services. Thank you, Alison!

“Went very, very well. They took down 5 trees, chipped and removed leaves and small branches. Left large sections as requested. Will have them back in the Spring to remove 5 more!” – Alison, Moodus, CT Customer

At Eric’s Tree Service, we offer 0% financing so our customers can afford services to maintain and remove their trees at the times when they need it most.

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Call (860) 798-5672

For immediate assistance, please text us:

Text (860) 228-8425


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