Can Tree Service Be Performed In The Winter?

Can Tree Service Be Performed In The Winter?

Can Tree Service Be Performed In The Winter?

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Today’s Topic: Wintertime Tree Service Mansfield, CT

A reader writes to us asking about wintertime tree service for her Mansfield, CT home.

Dear Eric,  

Can tree service be performed in the winter?

I have tree branches that hang over a section of my driveway. For most of the year, I barely notice them. However, when my family visits for the holidays, my father ALWAYS mentions the low-hanging tree branches too close to his car!

Last year, I told my father I would take care of these branches. Somehow, time went by quickly, and it’s already winter again!

Please help!


Out in the Cold

Mansfield, CT

Dear Out in the Cold,

Above all, we never leave our customers out in the cold when it comes to tree service in CT! Contrary to what many people think, tree removal and some tree services can be performed best in the wintertime.

The winter season is a good time of year to inspect trees for diseased or dead limbs and branches. Without the tree’s canopy present, our tree removal team can see which part of the trees are healthy, and which may pose a potential hazard in the coming year.

Wintertime is also a beneficial time to remove and prune large trees. With the ground frozen, our equipment can overcome areas of soft ground or septic/leach fields that may make tree removal difficult in other seasons.

We would be happy to assess your low-hanging tree branches and any other areas of concern on your Mansfield, CT property this winter! With our headquarters located right in Columbia, CT, we are conveniently located to Mansfield, and can schedule your tree work in a timely, effective manner. Call me at (860) 798-5672 or text (860) 931-0083 to schedule your free branch removal/tree service estimate.

Happy Holidays to you and your family!

Stay Warm,



Eric's Tree Service

Eric Person, Jr. of Eric's Tree Service, LLC has over thirty years of experience in the tree service industry. From tree removal to tree maintenance to land clearing to arborist services, Eric is able to answer all of your most pressing questions about tree service in CT! Call Eric at (860) 798-5672 to schedule your free tree service or tree removal estimate for your Connecticut residential or commercial property.