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While our name touts our reputation in tree service and tree removal, Eric’s Tree Service also offers land clearing services. Whether it’s a new subdivision or land clearing for land use as hayfields, orchards, or yard expansions, we can service all of your land clearing needs.

We have the heavy equipment and manpower to get the job done properly!

Is Your Yard Overgrown?

We’ll clear your land of any nuisances such as bushes, shrubs, stumps, rocks, trees, roots, and other debris. Additionally, we can level dirt and soil. Having your land cleared makes for a safer and more aesthetically pleasing property. You may also be considering clearing land for farm use and gardening or creating a play area for children and pets. Whatever use you may need the extra land for, Eric’s Tree Service has got you covered!

A brush hog makes a mess, but the Cat Mulcher machinery we use is the best to cut and mulch vegetation efficiently. Additionally, this machinery effortlessly mows through highly overgrown land and fields. This machinery leaves you with only wood chips. You can use these wood chips as mulch around your yard in flower beds, around the mailbox, and for play areas.

How Land Clearing Helps Your Yard Thrive

When your yard, or a portion of your yard, becomes overgrown with weeds and bushes, it makes it difficult for other plant life to compete for nutrients and sunlight. Clearing out dead or unwanted vegetation ensures the remaining plants you’d like to keep can thrive. Additionally, fallen dry branches, twigs, leaves, and other debris can be fire hazards. Having this debris cleared from your land makes your land safer by reducing the chance of fire. Lastly, land clearing reduces pest populations by eliminating unwanted vegetation that can house standing pools of water. For more tips to reduce pests, visit Eric’s Tick and Mosquito.

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