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Crane-assisted tree removal increases efficiency and eliminates damage to your property. With our state-of-the-art crane, we can capture limbs in hard to reach places and gently move them to a safe location on the ground.

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Did you know?

While the gypsy moth is one of the most well known insects affecting oak trees in Connecticut, other insect species can also wreak havoc on your trees. Cankerworms, the forest tent caterpillar, and twolined chestnut borer are three additional insects to stay on the lookout for when inspecting your trees for signs of infestation.

Cankerworms, also known as inch worms, can feed on your oak trees, as well as many other varieties of fruit, shade, and woodland trees.

In cases of overpopulation, cankerworms put your trees at risk for defoliation. Their larvae feed on buds, resulting in tattered leaves. In cases of severe infestation, all but the midribs of leaves can become devoured by this common pest. To determine if cankerworms are a problem in your yard, call Eric to examine trees in early May for signs of feeding larvae.

Similar to the cankerworm, the forest tent caterpillar is another species of insect that can cause significant defoliation of oak and other deciduous trees. The larvae form silken mats on the uppermost branches of their host trees and move out as a group to strip foliage from branches, one branch at a time.

Thirdly, the twolined chestnut borer is also commonly known to infect oak trees. However, instead of directly affecting the foliage, this insect targets the bark of the tree, making galleries in the tree’s sensitive inner bark. This beetle primarily attacks weakened and diseased trees. Infestation from this beetle usually kills the already stressed tree.

Infestation treatment always depends on the underlying insect species. Since there are so many different causes of infestation and disease in trees, seeking the opinion of a licensed arborist can help you to decipher the best course of action for your particular circumstances. Call or text Eric to schedule a free consultation and discuss your needs.

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