What To Know When Hiring a Tree Service

What To Know When Hiring a Tree Service

What To Know When Hiring a Tree Service

Our Top Three Considerations

Have you ever wondered what you should know when hiring a tree service? You don’t want to hire just anyone with a bucket truck when making your selection for a tree company. Tree service can be a risky business. For your property’s safety, tree service should only be left to the top professionals in the industry.

1) Licensure

It should be noted, an Arborist License is required under the Connecticut Arborist Law. This law states that any company or person advertising and/or contracting for tree work above 15 feet must be licensed. This is to protect you from unskilled labor that may pose significant danger. Some tree companies claim to be professionals, but they are not licensed. They will usually offer discounted rates. However, they do not have the proper experience to get the job done correctly. This can end up costing you much more in the long run. 

2) Experience & Skill

It takes years of experience for professional arborists to acquire enough knowledge about the care of trees. Tree service requires the utmost level of skill and professionalism because it is a dangerous job. Heavy machinery, heights, electrical lines, and trees that weigh tons all pose a significant risk of injury if not handled with skill and care. Proper tree care done with expertise adds tremendous value to your property. However, work that is not done correctly can be the ultimate detriment to your home. An example of this is an incorrectly pruned tree. An improperly pruned tree becomes weaker. As a consequence, the weak tree becomes dangerous as it is more susceptible to falling during high winds and harsh weather. Moreover, many of these improperly pruned trees can look outwardly healthy. Therefore, the homeowner may not know that anything is wrong until the damage is done.  

3) Insurance

When hiring tree service professionals, it is also important to make sure they are insured. Both liability insurance and worker’s compensation are important. This is so that, as the homeowner, you are protected should any type of property damage or injury occur on the job. Tree service poses many dangers. Any reputable tree company has the proper knowledge, experience, and skill to mitigate these dangers. However, insurance is crucial for all tree service companies. We recommend requesting a copy of the tree care company’s insurance certificate and making sure it is up to date. 

Here at Eric’s Tree Service, we are licensed and insured! CT Arborist License: B-3164/S-5001

We hope these three considerations have helped you better understand what to look for when hiring a tree service company. Finding the best tree service company is crucial to get the job done right. And remember, if you’re in need of arborist services anywhere in CT, Just Call Eric!