4 Ways To Keep Trees Healthy In Summer

4 Ways To Keep Trees Healthy In Summer

4 Ways To Keep Trees Healthy In Summer

Summer weather can be brutal on trees. Luckily, there are a few arborist tricks and tips to keep them thriving during even the hottest days!

Provide Mulching

Mulch keeps the temperature of soil stable during summer heatwaves. Furthermore, it slows the evaporation rate of water, keeping the soil more moist and the tree hydrated. Mulching is essential throughout new construction sites where soil may be compacted and lack organic matter. Being that mulching mimics the natural forest environment of trees and shrubs, it’s essential for the health of your trees and shrubs. Even if you didn’t get to mulching your trees this spring, it’s not too late! You can mulch trees with a few inches of organic mulch, such as wood chips, pine needles, or hardwood bark, by placing them down in a donut shape around the tree’s base.

Fertilize Trees

Fertilizing trees during the summer is a crucial step to fend off pests and diseases and support healthy leaf growth. In contrast, trees in forests and natural environments have the organic matter necessary to obtain proper nutrients, trees growing in urban and suburban areas do not. A slow-release fertilizer tailored for the Connecticut region will be your best choice.

Prune Trees

Most tree pruning should be done during the winter months when trees are in their dormancy cycle. However, there are a few situations in which summer pruning is necessary. These situations include pest or disease infestation or tree branch damage. Lilacs and other trees that flower in the spring can also be pruned in the summer after they bloom. The reason for this is that next year’s flower buds right after this year’s flowers have faded. Therefore, pruning in the fall will cut off next year’s flowers.

Prevent Storm Damage

Heavy winds and summer storms can pose a significant risk to weak trees. Large trees with weakened limbs pose a threat to the safety of your property. Fortunately, cables and brace rods are supplemental supports intended to reduce the risk of structural failure during storms.


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