Factors Influencing Tree Removal Cost

Factors Influencing Tree Removal Cost

Factors Influencing Tree Removal Cost

Having tree removal work done can be costly. Therefore, it’s essential to make sure to get some estimates before hiring a particular tree company. In most cases, tree companies cannot give estimates over the phone because a visual evaluation is needed to assess pricing factors. Here are a few factors that go into how much tree removal service will cost:

Surrounding Area

A tree in the middle of an open field will take far less time and effort to remove than a tree that is in very close proximity to buildings and other structures. Tree companies also have to consider vehicle access. The more accessible our vehicles are to your tree, the lower the cost will be. Trees very close to powerlines, or trees with branches intertwined with power lines, can be especially tricky. In these cases, the tree company must notify the utility company.  

Tree Size and Species

A large tree will take far longer to climb and cut down than a smaller tree. Furthermore, there will be a longer cleanup time of organic debris left behind once the tree service company finishes the work. This additional time will up a tree removal price tag. Interestingly, the tree species can also affect the price of removal because some species have denser wood. This thick wood makes cutting branches take longer. 

Tree Stability 

Trees that have already fallen will be less costly to remove than a damaged or diseased tree on its way down, but not quite there yet. It will take the crew time to evaluate the tree and spend extra time rigging for safety. At Eric’s Tree Service, the security of our crew and your property is our priority. 


Tree companies that own and operate a crane can typically price large projects at a lower cost than other companies. Traditional tree removal methods depend on complex rigging and lowering, taking much more time than crane tree removal. This specialized equipment saves both time and crew effort and therefore saves you money. 

Here at Eric’s Tree Service, we always offer free estimates. We understand that in many cases of tree removal, time is of the essence. We work as diligently and efficiently to get the work done as soon as possible for you. Moreover, we guarantee to leave your yard in better shape than when we arrived. We carefully clean all debris on every job! We are licensed and fully insured with an expert arborist on every job. Contact us today to schedule your free estimate.