After Storm Tree Cleanup Tips

After Storm Tree Cleanup Tips

After Storm Tree Cleanup Tips

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Today’s Topic: After-Storm Tree Cleanup in Berlin, CT

A reader asks Eric about the best way to handle tree cleanup after a storm or weather event.

Dear Eric,  

How can homeowners best handle tree cleanup after a storm?

My husband significantly cut back the branches of the tree nearest our home after a bad thunderstorm a few years ago. Now, the tree has even more limbs and branches falling during storms than there were before. Why is this happening?


Stormy in Berlin

Berlin, CT

Dear Stormy,

Your tree may have gotten over pruned by your well-intentioned husband. Especially after a storm, many homeowners want to trim fallen branches and prune their trees to prevent further damage to their homes and nearby structures. Many homeowners also want to preserve the appearance of their tree. Over pruning can happen very easily to an untrained professional. Homeowners want their trees to appear symmetrical and often don’t like when they appear unbalanced. During the trimming process, a few trims here and there can quickly turn into over pruning.

Why is this a problem? A tree gets its resources and life-sustaining energy through its foliage. When a tree is damaged, the healing process is similar to a person healing from a wound. The tree needs all its resources at its disposal to heal the wound and repair itself. When its foliage is reduced unnecessarily, the tree’s ability to heal is limited.

Additionally, branches will grow back weaker than the original limbs if too many branches are cut at one time. Therefore, they are more likely to break again during future storms, which is what you may be experiencing now at your Berlin, CT property.

If you would like us to do a free evaluation of the tree in question, please call me at (860) 798-5672 or text (860) 931-0083. We provide tree service to over 90 towns in Connecticut, including Berlin. We would be happy to provide guidance to help you best preserve your trees and your home!

Clear Skies Ahead,


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