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Did you know?

When apple trees are planted too close to cedar trees, they can become affected by cedar-apple rust. This disease is widespread across the Northeast and stems from a fungus, Gymnosporanglum juniperi-virginianae. The fungus requires both tree types to complete its two-year lifecycle and causes brightly colored lesions on both trees. Symptoms of infection begin with greenish-yellow or greenish brown spots that then develop into bright yellow-orange spores. These bright orange spores are a distinctive trait of this disease and are most often spotted during cool, rainy Spring weather.

While this disease is not considered life-threatening, defoliation and fruit loss in apple and crabapple trees is possible. If you notice signs of infection on your cedar and apple trees, call or text Eric to discuss management solutions. Minimizing the impact of this disease through controlled measures can help to prevent more serious complications from arising.

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Did you know? Woody vines can choke trees from receiving adequate nutrients and light. If you notice aggressive vine growth on your trees, contact Eric for a free consultation on vine management to keep your trees healthy for years to come.

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Did you know?

Verticillium Wilt, a fungal disease that lives in soil, has a wide variety of symptoms, making it difficult to diagnose. The most common symptom is wilting branches or stems and yellowing or browning of leaves. Eventually, branches may die. Certain trees may also exhibit cankers on their bark. They may also develop discolored sapwood in their rings, or green, yellow, or dark brown streaks in their wood. Because of the variability of symptoms, lab testing may be required to diagnose the infection.

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