What Is Deep Root Fertilization?

What Is Deep Root Fertilization?

What Is Deep Root Fertilization?

Keep Your Trees Healthy Throughout Winter

Did you know? Fertilizing your trees in the Fall keeps your trees healthy all winter long.

Our Deep Root Fertilization program delivers the vitamins and nutrients your trees need to stay healthy throughout the winter months. From early spring through late summer, trees are actively using photosynthesis to convert carbon dioxide, water, and inorganic salts into carbohydrates. These carbohydrates are then moved up into the leaves of the trees to facilitate tree growth. In order to survive the winter months, trees will move these carbohydrates into their roots. During this phase, green leaves turn to hues of red, orange, and yellow. This dormancy stage is the way trees conserve energy to survive the winter months. Our Deep Root Fertilization program ensures that all of your trees have the proper nutrients they need for a healthy dormancy stage

What is Deep Root Fertilization and how does it help your trees?

Deep Root Fertilization

Trees growing in wooded and natural environments are continuously enriched by decomposing leaves and twigs, as well as other organic debris left by animals — such as fur, bones, and droppings. This process returns nutrients to the soil, which helps trees to thrive in natural landscapes.

However, the trees in our yards are always in competition with surrounding plants and do not benefit from the same process. We remove leaves, grass, and organic matter from our yards before it can decompose and fertilize our trees in order to present a well maintained and cared for property. Furthermore, our landscaped trees commonly have restricted rooting areas due to driveways, foundations, pools, and compacted soil.

Applying a high quality, slow-release fertilizer is a great way to return natural nutrients into the soil. Deep root fertilization is a liquid fertilizer that is injected into the soil; it is the quickest way to get nutrients to the tree. Deep root fertilization is important because surface fertilization is dependent on rainfall transporting the nutrients underground to the roots of the tree. This takes much more time and will often not work at all on sloped land where rainfall will run off. Deep root fertilization helps tree vitality by improving resistance to disease, insects, and stressful weather. As a bonus, you can expect a lusher canopy and more intense blooms in the Spring and Summer months. The most effective time to fertilize your trees is in the spring and fall. Most trees will need to be fertilized at least once a year.

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