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Did you know?

The Elm borer, elm leaf beetle, and elm bark beetle are three insects that can cause serious damage to your elm trees.

The elm borer, a ½ inch gray-brown beetle, mostly targets already stressed and weakened trees. The beetle’s larvae burrow into the inner bark of the tree, further weakening the tree’s vitality.

Adult elm leaf beetles are ¼ inch long with greenish-yellow coloring and black stripes. These beetles survive the winter months in attics, belfries and protected places. They then fly into the trees as soon as new leaves unfold. Adult beetles eat circular holes in leaves, while larvae skeletonize lower surfaces of leaves. Loss of leaf color, defoliation, early leaf drop and limb death are all side effects caused by the elm leaf beetle.

Elm bark beetles chew through the bark of dying, weakened, or recently killed elm trees to lay their eggs. The elm bark beetle is a carrier of Dutch elm disease, a fungal disease that hijacks a tree’s vascular system and is capable of killing off a large tree in a few short years. Transmission occurs when beetles feed on the bark of healthy elm trees. Initial symptoms of Dutch elm disease include wilting, yellowing or browning, and premature drop of foliage. Dutch elm disease is often deadly to the trees it infects.

Tree maintenance, sanitation, and chemical measures can all help to control the spread of Dutch elm disease. At Eric’s Tree Service, our licensed arborists can help you regain control of an outbreak and save the health of your trees. Call or text Eric today to schedule your free consultation.

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