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Did you know?

Wintertime is a prime time to prune Connecticut trees. When a tree’s leaves have fallen, a tree enters dormancy and the tree will not expend excess energy putting out new growth during this time. 

Pruning trees in the winter can also help to prevent spreading of tree diseases that are more easily spread in the spring and summer season. 

For a free tree maintenance estimate for your property, call or text Eric. Eric’s Tree Service works all year round, helping our customers address all their most pressing tree concerns.

What Cheshire, CT customers have to say about Eric’s Tree Service

Whether it’s wintertime or springtime, Eric’s Tree Service is here to provide excellent customer service at the times our customers need it most. While we specialize in tree service and tree removal, we also provide emergency winter services, such as ice dam removal. When your friends ask you who to call for help – remember to “Just Call Eric!”

“I called Eric on the advice of a friend who employed him to remove the ice dams on her house. He returned my call within 30 minutes and arrived with his incredibly efficient and nice crew 2 days later. They removed all the ice on my slate roof and even were able to work their way into all the eaves on my house. Eric was very fairly priced and the service was fabulous. I will be using him this spring to prune some of my specialty trees. I highly recommend Eric and his crew. ” – Cheshire, CT Customer

Call Eric’s Tree Service for all your tree service, tree maintenance, and tree removal needs in Cheshire CT.

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