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Tree Huggers - Eric's Tree Service Coventry, Connecticut

Marlborough CT Tree Removal Services 

Marlborough CT Tree Removal Services 

We do love our main headquarters in Columbia Ct but when we head out and drive, just a few miles really, for tree removal in Marlborough we always arrive at the job site with a smile.

We are now a proud member of the Marlborough Ct Marlborough Business Association.

Eric and his crew are a real team, and everyone communicates to help each other deliver the highest level of service. Everyone at Eric’s Tree Service from office staff to the tree crews works as a team and love their work.

Eric is standing proudly next to his crane. Our crane allows us to remove trees easily and without leveling damage to customers property.

Climbing trees and removing trees in Marlborough is the same as many other towns in the state but what’s amazing are the little differences we find in the relation of the trees to our customers’ homes.

Tree Removal With A Crane

We tie off a section of the tree, the crane takes up slack, the climber cuts the section, and the crane lifts it away setting it lightly to the ground. They repeat this just a few times until the tree is gone.

The crane hovers off the ground but it is leveled and secured properly.

A clean tree truck moves through the air.

If you are interested in learning about Marlborough from a historical perspective, then you can check out the book called, “Reflections Into Marlborough’s History.” Its publication date was 2007.

You can’t see it but the section the tree climber is sawing off is attached to the crane.

If you see tree climbers with earbuds in their ears don’t be alarmed. They are not on a phone call – they are communicating with each other.

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