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Bolton, CT Tree Service and Removal - Eric's Tree Service Crane Ride

Bolton CT Tree Removal Services

Bolton CT Tree Removal Services

Damage to Connecticut trees over the past several years from infestation and storms has taken their toll on homeowners’ property. The long-term safety of housing and property structures are at risk. We are always happy to come to your house and give you a free estimate and evaluation for any tree service in Bolton you need.

We cut down trees piece by piece strapping the top of each section then the tree climber cuts it and the crane lifts it away setting it gently to the ground.

If you need a tree removed in Bolton, Ct and you think it’s too close to the house for a tree company to remove safely and easily take a look at where we can put our crane. We lift tree over houses!


Our tree service crane can lift large sections of trees over houses and property. Tree removal with a crane is the fastest way to complete a tree project.

Tree service safety is our top priority and our climbers are have the skill and education to operate within the highest level of safety.

Not your average commute to work.


Tree climbers inspect the whole tree before they begin their work to ensure a full understand of the make up of the tree they need to deal with. Not only that but the trees surrounding them are surveyed and taken into consideration to prevent unnecessary damage to them.

When you have a tree removal crane you do not need to drag limbs and branches that can ruin a beautiful lawn or rock wall.

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The Bolton town website is here, and the Wikipedia page is here.

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