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Bolton CT Tree Service & Tree Removal

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What Bolton CT Customers Are Saying About Eric’s Tree Service

Founder of Eric’s Tree Service, Eric Person Jr. is a licensed arborist with over 30 years of experience in the tree industry. He is trained to diagnose trees affected by insect infestations and can recognize early warning signs that may save your trees from future damage. If trees must be removed due to disease or infestation, Eric and his crews have the skill and equipment necessary to complete the job efficiently, without damaging your property. 

“Eric’s Tree Service removed two large trees from a mulch bed on my property. The trees had two and three trunks, respectively, so they looked like five trees. The crew had the most heavy-duty impressive equipment that I’ve seen. They did an excellent job that concluded with grinding the stumps well below ground level, cleaning up, and restoring the appearance of the mulch bed (which is surrounded by stones). I should mention that they have an arborist who initially diagnosed the disease that necessitated removal of the trees. All in all, this is a does-it-all high quality tree service.” – Bolton, CT Customer

Our Teams Work Efficiently To Get The Job Done Right

Our crane makes it easy to tackle a tree removal job of any size and complexity.

Bolton, CT Tree Service and Removal - Eric's Tree Service Crane
Our crane safely and effectively moves unwanted limbs gently to the ground.
Bolton, CT Tree Service and Removal - Eric's Tree Service Tree Lift
Large branches and brush can be moved in one load for efficient cleanup.
Bolton, CT Tree Service and Removal - Eric's Tree Service Super Crane
Bolton, CT customers love seeing what our crane can do!
Eric's Tree Service is a proud member of the Tolland County Chamber of Commerce!

Eric’s Tree Service in the Bolton, CT Community

Eric’s Tree service is a proud member of the Tolland County Chamber of Commerce. We value the opportunity to connect with other local businesses in the Bolton CT area and surrounding towns.

Did you know?

Phomopsis Tip Blight, a fungal disease that can affect several types of coniferous trees and shrubs, generally emerges in the spring through early summer, particularly in high humidity conditions, but can also be seen through late summer. The fungus spores are spread by wind and rain, and over-watering or fertilizing can increase the risk of infection. Infected plants should be pruned to remove affected branches. Removed branches should be destroyed and the pruning shears should be disinfected after use with bleach or alcohol. The risk of developing this disease can be greatly reduced by providing sufficient space between plants to allow for draining, sun exposure, and air circulation. Over-fertilization should also be avoided as this can increase risk of infection. Overhead sprinklers should be avoided and watering should be limited to the morning. There are a few products available for homeowner use to treat Phomopsis Tip Blight. Consult an arborist to determine the best course of action for your specific circumstances.

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Call (860) 798-5672

For immediate assistance, please text us:

Text (860) 228-8425

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