Andover CT: Four Oak Tree Signs to Never Ignore

Andover CT: Four Oak Tree Signs to Never Ignore

Andover CT: Four Oak Tree Signs to Never Ignore

Learn 4 oak tree signs to never ignore as Eric highlights a historical tree in Andover, CT.

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On our way to service our customers in Andover, CT, we often drive by a gem of Connecticut tree history. On Monument Lane in front of the Museum of Andover History, sits a large pin oak tree dating back to 1902.

A Piece of History

Andover CT Pin Oak Tree

Marty Aligata and the Connecticut Notable Tree Project team documented Andover’s Constitutional Pin Oak as one of CT’s most notable and historic trees.

In 1902, Connecticut held a Constitutional Convention to discuss revisions to Connecticut’s state constitution. The proposed amendments did not pass, but delegates from each Connecticut municipality left with a gift to commemorate the convention nonetheless. Charles Hawley, one of Connecticut’s U.S. Senators at the time, presented each municipal delegate with a pin oak tree seedling to be planted in each Connecticut town. Andover’s pin oak seedling was planted May 3, 1902 and aptly sits among other historical Andover, CT landmarks today. The Connecticut Notable Tree Project measured Andover’s Constitutional Pin Oak to be 61 feet in height with a spread of 26.5 ft.

Pin Oak Facts

Pin oaks are a fairly common tree in Connecticut and throughout the Northeastern United States. They are a medium-sized oak of the red oak group that typically grow 50-70ft tall. Pin oaks thrive best in partial shade or full sunlight and have good tolerance to environmental problems such as flooding and pollution.

However, the pin oak can be susceptible to bacterial and fungal diseases that can cause damage to the tree. Bacterial Leaf Scorch, Anthracnose, and Oak Wilt are three potential diseases that can affect pin oaks. Insect infestation is also common among pin oaks. The Gypsy moth, in particular, has been a prevalent issue among many Connecticut oak trees.

Four Oak Tree Signs to Never Ignore

  1. Leaf Discoloration. If your oak’s leaves are turning brown or yellow, this is a sign the flow of water through the tree is damaged. Bacterial Leaf Scorch can cause red, yellow, or brown margins on the leaves. Other infections and infestations may also affect the health of your oak’s leaves.
  2. Leaf Curling. Leaf curling form the edges inward, progressing upward from the bottom of the tree is a common sign of Anthracnose, a fungal disease. Rake and dispose of fallen leaves to reduce the spread of the infection.
  3. Irregular Bark Patterns. Infected trees will begin to show signs of infection through their bark. Dead sunken patches and bark that is sloughing off a tree are signs your tree needs to be inspected by Eric.
  4. Thinning Canopy. Noticing a few less leaves this year? A thinning canopy can indicate different diseases or infestations, depending on the pattern. Leaves lost at the top of the canopy often indicate a root disease, while leaves thinning at the bottom of the canopy can be a signal of Anthracnose.

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