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Lebanon CT Tree Removal Services

We are serious about tree hugging in Lebanon, CT.
Eric with his beloved crane. This is what allows us to gently place trees on the ground instead of crashing them to the earth.
#BentheClimber discussing the perfect strategy to fell trees on this beautiful property.
#BentheClimber lassoing the next part of the tree he will cut allowing our crane to gently place it on the ground. It’s how we do tree removal in Lebanon, Ct.
Removing a tree with a crane is a beautiful thing to see. Instead of the crashing and thrashing of toppling a tree with the obligatory yell of, TIMBER!, the crane lightly places each part of the tree on the ground.
A view of how our crane does it. It’s not just a cab it’s the tree removal control center.
People are always surprised to see how are crane can fit into the unlikeliest of places, but they still smile more when we make it hover off the ground.
This is #BentheClimber doing what he loves and what he does best. Sawing away from above.

Just call Eric and he will quickly be on your property in Lebanon, Ct to discuss your project.

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