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We provide all tree services in Hebron, Ct. and in 90 other towns in Connecticut.
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The top of the tree that #ClimberBen is sawing off will not fall. It is attached to the crane which lifts the top up and then gently places it on the ground.

Our Connecticut tree experts have provided services to homeowners day in and day out for over two decades and can handle projects that no other tree company will touch. We have the equipment and team to deliver the highest level of service.

#ClimberBen and Eric Person discuss the day’s project.

Our staff is licensed and insured to work on your property with safety as our top prerequisite. We provide the following services in Hebrond, CT:

Hebron Tree Emergency

24/7 Tree Service & Tree Removal Emergency in Hebron, CT
If you find yourself in an emergency due to a fallen tree, call us immediately.

Our Professional Tree Removal Process is Uplifting!

Our crane picks up a third of a tree and smoothly lowers it to a safe spot on the ground with no impact to the homeowners property.

Our crane allows us to gently remove trees, which is much faster than using only a standard tree crew.

Our team support and look out for each other and work with the greatest skill. They just love being in the trees.

We love to hang out in Hebron, Ct.

Our state-of-the-art crane hovers above the ground safely and securely assisting climbers and moving large portions of trees to a solid resting place.

If you look closely you will see our crane hovering above the ground.

It’s amazing where the crane can fit without causing property damage and still be able to properly perform it’s job.

Did we mention how much we love our crane?

Eric of Eric’s Tree Service enjoys every conversation with his customers and loves his work just as much as he loves his crane.

Our team leader, Eric Person of Eric’s Tree Service.

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We are headquartered in Columbia, Ct and just 9 minutes from Hebron Ct.

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