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Eric’s Tree Service is a complete tree removal company with service in the Hartford Connecticut are equipped with a full crane, seventy-foot-tall bucket truck, climbers, Caterpillar equipment, trucks and everything else needed to get the job done properly.

860-798-5672 – TEXT US for fastest service.

Eric’s Tree Service LLC is a fully licensed and insured company.

Our commitment and focus are on helping you maintain the health and beauty of your trees, bushes, and shrubs. As arborists and tree experts we are able to evaluate your trees and inspect your shrubs to discover any potential compromise before they fall prey to pests and disease.

Stressed trees and shrubs are unable to allocate full energy to their primary functions inhibiting them from thriving to full potential.

Schedule a free consultation of your trees, bushes, and shrubs.

  • Is your gravel driveway in need of regrading, does you lawn need rejuvenation?
  • Are you thinking of increasing the size of your yard or are you building a new home and need a lot cleared?

All of these projects are within the realm of our services along with much more. Call Eric directly on his personal cell for a free consultation: (860-798-5672) or contact us here.


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