Storm Sandy in West Hartford

Although the Hartford area was not hit as hard as was first thought, there was damage. We removed this tree before lunch! Lot's to be done...

Eric’s Tree Service is a complete tree removal company with service in Hartford Connecticut equipped with a seventy foot tall bucket truck, climbers, Caterpillar equipment, trucks and everything else needed to get the job done properly..

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Eric’s Tree Service LLC is a fully licensed and insured company.

We are now scheduling all kinds of tree work. After being plunged into an Antarctic of a winter the growing season is now upon us. Schedule a free consultation of your trees, bushes and shrubs. Is your gravel driveway in need of regrading, does you lawn need rejuvenation? Are you thinking of increasing the size of your yard or are you building a new home and need a lot cleared? All of these projects are within the realm of our services along with much more. Call Eric directly on his personal cell for a free consultation: (860-798-5672) or contact us here.

We pride ourselves on our fast response to inquiries and you will be able to talk to Eric directly and not a hired salesman. 

We provide a wide range of tree services for our residential customers...

Hazardous Tree Removal Service

Hazardous trees threaten to hit service lines, cars in your driveway or even destroy your home. We love trees, we plant as many as we remove, but some are weak in structural integrity such as silver maples, weeping willows and white pines. These trees should be removed before disaster strikes.


Large Tree Removal Service

We are experts at the big ones, removing trees our competitors won’t! Cranes, intense rigging, seventy foot bucket trucks, and 30 years of experience means Eric’s Tree Service has the expertise to get the job done properly.

Fallen Tree Emergency Service

In the event of a storm we are on call and will respond to your emergency ASAP.